We know that weddings can be somewhat challenging for kids and their wild sides. We love kids and their imaginative little brains so it’s a pleasure to create wonderful artwork for these creative little people.​

We are all for keeping those cogs whirring and to encourage creativity, imagination and play we have developed a range of products for wedding kids that you’ll want to take home as a keepsake too.​

Intricate designs allow kids to start an adventure full of their favourite things. Each look at the pictures unveils a new discovery. The illustrations are carefully curated by hand to serve as activities or stories. Prompts for parents to start some fun conversations and enter their world


Commission some personalised activitiy books with illustrations and activities to keep the children entertained on your big day. The playful illustrations are perfect for discovery games and crafts and each book contains a keepsake too.

Let us create activities with instructions, that your wedding kids will enjoy and their parents will love to take home as a keepsake. Contact us to find out more about entertaining your wedding kids.


We have created many a game for wedding kids. Including fabric skittle sets to match your wedding designs, toy dinosaurs in keeping with your table decor and dress up sets too. We use our imagination to fill your wedding kids’ day with fun.


These illustrations can be commissioned and framed as original artwork. A gift for any occasion or just because. Choose your colours and let us know the little person’s favourite things. Creating art that the whole family will love and promoting creativity through its storybook style, the illustrations can be used to play “Spot the….”. You can create stories with the characters and start conversations with your little ones!

Original Nursery Artwork