Our gorgeous couples, from all over the world, have been instrumental in helping us to evolve into a niche design studio this year.

In 2019 we pledge to move our focus towards what makes us truly us; a desire to create stunning design and deliver an A-list service, by offering totally bespoke and sustainable design that’s completely you.

Our Ethos

We love fashion, the arts and everything that screams pretty or cool but we are also painfully aware of the impact we have on our surroundings when we buy into all of the above. We don’t let this stop us enjoying the pretty things in life though. We design for love and believe that sustainability is intrinsic to our process. There is something about the feel of a printed page and the tactile nature of a hand drawn illustration. We feel connected to a painting that has been created by hand just for us and we are more inclined to treasure it forever, re-use, re-gift or recycle it.​

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Sustainable Wedding Design for Beautiful Couples

The Art of Joy

We want you to experience the joy of receiving a beautifully presented box of design that has been responsibly printed. You’ll take pride in sending such a personalised and heartfelt piece of artwork to your loved ones.

​ We never over-print and we use trusted suppliers of excellent cards and paper stocks in the UK. As experts in fabric design and print too, we use digital processes in the UK that release less waste into our waterways than traditional screen printing.