Proofing is such an important part of the design process because it signifies the exciting final stage. Soon you will have your beautiful printed items that you have invested so much time and energy into and this is why proofing your wedding stationery or design artwork is SO important.

You may think that you are ready to print your wedding stationery because you have worked closely with your designer and because you have seen the design progress to this final design artwork but please do not be fooled! Our eyes have a habit of playing tricks on us and when we see multiple versions of the same design, all too often we assume that we would have picked up on any errors in previous versions but remember that computers and humans make mistakes and it is important to check your final artwork thoroughly at this stage.

Your final draft is your FINAL opportunity to check EVERYTHING. This doesn’t just refer to spellchecking, it refers to the positioning of text and imagery too and the information provided such as dates and postcodes. Proofing your wedding stationery or design artwork is SO important.

Can you spot the errors in the image below of my Parade design from my new Studio Collection?
There is one mistake – can you spot it?

You may also be under the impression that proofing your artwork is the designer’s responsibility, but relying on us to check your information or second guess your requirements can be risky. It is always the client’s responsibility to do the final proofing of artwork and to approve the final draft. I always request written confirmation by email that my clients are happy for this version to be sent off to be printed to avoid the following experience:

“I have re-printed stationery twice before because the couple had supplied the wrong wedding date twice. A simple mistake that I could not have picked up on and that was probably over-looked by the client because they assumed they had entered it correctly and were concentrating on checking the design over the text details. Surprisingly this mistake is an easy one to make.”

These mistakes can always be rectified so there is no reason to panic but they will incur the cost of a re-print and any fees for making the amends are at the designer’s discretion so I always advise that you make proofing your wedding stationery a priority before confirming you are ready to go to print.

So, what are my tips for proofing artwork? Proof, proof and proof again…

Proof 1.
Take your time – sit down somewhere quiet and methodically work your way through your document. Split your proofing into chunks such as information, spelling and then design. Make notes directly on the PDF as comments or in a notepad ready to transfer later.

Proof 2.
Come back later – always proof again later on in the day, your brain will be refreshed and you will look at your artwork more subjectively without the excitement of having just seen your final artwork.

Proof 3.
Ask for a 2nd opinion – ask someone to proof for you, they may not be able to comment on the information or the design but a second eye may be able to clock any spelling or alignment errors with fresh eyes.

Remember your designer will always do their best to proof and spellcheck but cannot be held responsible once the artwork has been approved so be sure to prioritise proofing and allow time for it and any potential amends and check your terms for how many sets of amends the designer will accept before charging additional fees.


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