I’d like to introduce you to the ‘overwhelming world of wedding stationery’ and show you how to successfully plan your invitations to ease your wedding anxiety.

Equstrian Wedding Invitation with Hand Drawn Horses
An example of a Full Invitation Suite

What is Wedding Stationery?
Essentially, your invitations are described as Wedding Stationery. However, your invitations could include multiple printed items. In which case you may hear your invitations described as a Wedding Stationery Suite or a Wedding Stationery Set. Generally these terms refer to invitations that are sent to wedding guests with additional printed inserts such as an Information Card or an RSVP Slip. You could have multiple inserts or just one invitation.

Sometimes your On the Day items will be described as On the Day Stationery. This is an umbrella term used for printed items such as Table Names or Table Numbers, Place Cards or Place Settings, Large Format Table Plans or Seating Plans, Welcome Boards or Order of Day Boards, Menu Cards for tables or Bar Menus. It can encompass a number of printed items needed on the day and each wedding day has different requirements.

Wedding Stationery means is different to every couple because each couple has their own wedding theme, wedding style, wedding venue, wedding ceremony or in short, Wedding Day!

Where Do We Start?
You should always start your Wedding Stationery journey with Planning. An important part of Planning you Wedding Day, is Planning your Wedding Stationery. Often an after-thought, your wedding invitations can quickly become a priority as your wedding plans evolve and the need for informing your favourite people becomes increasingly apparent. For example, do your guests need to book flights, babysitters or annual leave to attend your wedding?

This needn’t be a difficult task though, the key to planning your Wedding Stationery is to break it down into manageble chunks, which is what I have been talking about in my Facebook Lives recently. You can view them on replay here.

Doing some Wedding Research will help you make the right decisions for you and your Wedding Day and will ensure you are not bamboozled into ordering the wrong Wedding Stationery items from the wrong Wedding Stationery Supplier, which could result in costly re-prints. Your Wedding Planner may be helping you to organise your Wedding Stationery, which is cool as they will have past experience but you will still be in charge of the decisions so it is important to have some knowledge before you start.

How Do We Plan Our Wedding Stationery?
I have created a helpful PDF guide to Planning Your Wedding Stationery, which covers the following 5 Steps in a short and easy to follow format:

  1. YOUR GUESTS: If you have guests that simply must be there to share your day then this step asks you to consider some important factors before deciding what to send and when.
  2. YOUR WEDDING STATIONERY: The list of printed items you could send your guests is endless and sometimes overwhelming. This step offers a guide to choosing which printed stationery items you and your wedding guests require.
  3. SCHEDULING YOUR WEDDING STATIONERY: This step helps you to work backwards from your Wedding Date to schedule in important actions. This will help you to prioritise your Wedding Stationery with plenty of time for the design stage, print and postage.
  4. ORDERING YOUR WEDDING STATIONERY: Once you have decided what you need and when by, bare in mind the process behind creating your stationery. This step provides top tips on placing your order with the right Wedding Stationery Designer.
  5. LEAD TIMES: Each Wedding Stationer Designer’s lead times and terms vary but this step gives an example of timescales. Add these to your wedding diary to allow plenty of time for each stage.

The Full PDF Guide is available to download here and it covers the most common questions asked.

If you would like more help or if you have more questions, please ask away. I love talking to new couples about their wedding day and I am happy to share my extensive knowledge in design and print for weddings to ensure you have the best possible experience when planning your wedding day.

With Love,

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