In 2020 I will be launching a new design service inspired by fashion and print design. This is my area of expertise and it already has a huge influence in my design work.
Isy & Ope September 2019

For the past couple of years I have witnessed a shift in consumer behaviour and an increased demand for something even more unique. I am spending longer and longer on the hand drawn and painted elements of my design work, which is my niche.

My bespoke commission service is my core business and to move forward and sustain my little studio I have devised a new service catering for fashion conscious and eco-aware couples. From January onwards you will begin to see a shift in my offerings.

I am also a Fashion Lecturer at a university and I teach the theory behind trend forecasting and print design, which becomes inherently entwined in the way I work. I have always been interested in sustainability and emotional design so this is the direction my bespoke designs have always taken and will continue to do so, with added fashion value.

We know the impact we have as consumers is huge and that our decisions effect the world around us. I work remotely, digitally and print only what is required to ensure I do my bit, however I have always believed that we should celebrate the joy of print and pattern too. What would the world be without something pretty or cool to look at?

Aesthetics are part of our make up, without our personal likes or dislikes where would the individuality be and how boring would our world would look? This uniqueness makes us who we are and we express this with our clothes, accessories, artwork, homes, food, music and more.

I think we should celebrate this individuality so I am developing a service that takes guidance from fashion and print trends for that fashionable edge but that is ultimately a collection of bespoke artworks that tells my client’s story and encourages emotional attachments to design.

I’m looking for 5 fashionable couples to be part of a collection of bespoke wedding stationery designs inspired by 2020 fashion print trends.

In order to launch my fashion forward wedding service next year I would like to offer 5 couples a bespoke design service FREE OF CHARGE. You pay for the printed items only. That’s at least £300 off!

To Read more about this offer please click here.

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