Zoe Barker Design Studio
Zoe answers your most common wedding stationery questions

Zoe’s talent and dedication to style is reflected in her beautiful design work. To help you decide if her design-led and sustainable wedding stationery is the perfect fit for you, Zoe has answered some common questions below:​

Why should I choose a bespoke wedding stationery design?

By choosing a bespoke wedding stationery design you are investing in so much more than just paper. Because your design is hand drawn and because it features elements that are personal to you, you’ll want to treasure it forever.

How much will my wedding stationery cost?

The cost of your wedding stationery depends on the scope of your design so I offer four Design Options with examples of items and cost. You can also request a tailored quotation.

How can I place my wedding stationery order?

You can place your wedding stationery order by email or you can choose to purchase a portfolio design from the online shop.

How are you sustainable?

I design for love and believe that this concept encourages careful consumerism, I also print in the UK using environmentally kind processes and materials. Read more here.

What stationery items should I order?

Because there are lots of factors to consider when choosing which wedding stationery items to send to your guests I have created a free PDF guide, 5 Steps to Planning Your Wedding Stationery.

I have also listed my most popular wedding stationery items here to give you an idea of the items available.

If you would like some help deciding which stationery items to send please contact me.

How long does the design process take?

I recommend scheduling up to 6 weeks for design to ensure you have allow plenty of time for amends however I will provide a timescale when you place your order. Print lead times vary but I’d suggest allowing up to 10 days.