My word of the week!

If you have met me in person, you may have discovered my passion for keeping things authentic. All too often we are confronted with social media posts that portray beautiful, but sometimes unrealistic ideals. I completely believe in dreams and aspirations, hence achieving what I have to date. However I feel strongly about reaching these goals in an authentic way and by being the best I can be.

I also challenge myself regularly to ensure I am always learning and never resting on my laurels. This week I have challenged myself to 5 daily Facebook lives. To make things more difficult for myself I have done each one whilst home at half term! Completely out of my comfort zone but totally me in every post, I’m proud that I push myself in order to deliver a personal service to you, my couples. It’s important that you know who I am because I am creating such a personal design for you.

In the past I have considered this real representation of myself a little too raw for my audience and this is partly due to the dreaded imposter sydrome (comparing ones self to the amazing talent out there). But after a lot of soul searching and by concentrating on my brand and what I want to represent, I now feel confident that my clients need to know me before commissioning such a personal project. And that’s fine with me because actually, what I do can’t be portrayed in just one post or a snapshot.

So, if you’ve read this far you’ll hopefully be interested in reading how I work and what goes into each and every design I create. I’m not just a designer but an artist first. So there are many layers to my process and my artwork, created by hand is the starting point of what becomes your story. Something that has been created entirely for you by hand gives the final printed product so much value. Your wedding stationery will be something to be treasured, framed even. Evoking emotions from you and your guests in anticipation for what is going to be a magical day with you at the heart.

To find out more about my authenticity, please watch my Facebook Lives and comment and share. if you’d like to discuss your wedding day please get in touch. I have a number of helpful posts and free PDF downloads to help you start your wedding journey.

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